NAP (Name Address Phone Number) is a vital element for a business to get correct and standardized across ALL online platforms.

Local search engines employ NAP, i.e. Name, Address and Phone number- as a yardstick for accuracy and consistency to validate local businesses. It is very important to ensure that even the smallest piece of data offered here aligns in the perfect fashion.

As an entrepreneur you need to ensure that you are avoiding even the most seemingly negligible mistake that might hurt your citation.

For instance, if you’re running “Bowie’s Confectionery” and enlisting (in the local directories) yourself as “Bowies’ Confectionery” then you have got your registration wrong. It’s your NAP which differentiates your business from that of others. You can jolly well imagine the number of confectioneries conducting business in your neighborhood. Most of them are aware of the importance of local SEO.

As such, they are registering in directories as well. It’s your Name, Address and Phone that gives your business its true identity- often lets your prospects differentiate your business from that of others. So, you cannot afford to go wrong there.

It should be ensured your NAP is consistent across all local directories.

There is no room for different names, addresses and phone numbers in different directories. You should put the right name, address and phone number on the first directory and maintain it across all directories. There is no room for errors as far as spellings, numbers or even single alphabets in local citation.

The Local SEO Company which you are hiring should be well aware of this particular factor.

Remembering the “Musts”

Make sure you are acquainting yourself with the cardinal rules governing NAP:

  • Google and other search engines should be able to crawl your citation- it should be duly readable by the search engine.
  • As has already been mentioned above, the citation must be compatible with Google Places pages and other citations. Minor formatting differences like “Ave” for “Avenue” shouldn’t really bother you much
  • The information can be placed anywhere on your pages or in your code. You can also place it in your sidebar widget or footer area. However, there are a few experts who are of the opinion that it should not go into the title or description as that would amount to nothing but sheer waste of space
  • In case you are conducting business from multiple locations you can have all your NAPs on each page. Having the same landing page for several NAPs usually doesn’t create any problem
  • You can either style it in CSS or have it in one line
  • Make sure that the blob appears only 2 to 3 times (max) on the same page but definitely not 8 or 9 times

More about it

Ask an SEO expert out there and he/she will tell you how he/she can actually go on to write pages on the importance of Name, Address and Phone number as far as Local SEO is concerned. We hope we have offered you ample information here for you to be duly guided about its proper and optimal usage.